Meet Our Professionals

Vicki Clarke Parker


Vicki Parker is a Principal with Parker Poe Consulting and has more than 30 years of lobbying and consulting experience on both the state and national level.

Ms. Parker served as Director of the Political Division for the Republican National Committee, managing a staff of more than 40 and coordinating all Republican races on the local, state and national levels. In addition, Ms. Parker has experience in managing a national political campaign that carried the states in which she was the lead political operative. Her years in Washington, D.C. helped her develop lasting relationships on both sides of the aisle.

While at the Department of Energy, Ms. Parker served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Environment and was called to testify before Congress on topics such as nuclear plants, Brownfields and environmental cleanup.

For five years, Ms. Parker served as Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce where she successfully lobbied the General Assembly for issues impacting urban areas. She formed the Urban Initiative, successfully establishing a plan for funds provided to Greenville and other urban areas to maintain roads. This program is still in effect today and has sent millions of road dollars to all urban areas in the state.

Featured Experience

  • Budgets bill
  • Broadband technology
  • Higher education including research consortiums
  • Light rail
  • Fiber optics
  • Public utilities
  • Mass transit
  • Health care
  • Pharmaceuticals (AIDS prevention, cervical cancer prevention)
  • Home health & hospice care